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Mahalo for Choosing Maui’s Finest Flowers!

Allow us to help you redirect your thoughts to Maui’s white sand beaches where you bury your toes, to Maui’s crystal blue water where you relax your body, to Maui’s flower-filled landscape where you calm your mind.

Located on the volcanic slopes of Haleakala in the small town of Pukalani Maui, Maui’s Finest Flowers is a family business with over 20 years of experience sharing Maui’s flowers with customers around the country.

Maui’s Finest Flowers can assist you with all your floral desire and needs. We are proud of our long-standing relationships with our satisfied customers.

Our services include shipping floral gift boxes throughout the United States, accommodating wholesale florists with exotic varieties of Hawaiian tropical Maui flowers on a weekly basis for parties, conventions and events or creating memorable wedding floral bouquets for brides here on Maui.

From Maui-grown protea, to exotic tropical and orchid flower varieties, only the finest flowers Hawaii has to offer will be selected for you and shipped from Maui’s shore to your door.

A gift box of these Maui-grown beauties serves up an intoxicating elixir that will stir your imagination, shake your perspective and send you, if only temporarily, to this tropical oasis in the middle of the Pacific.

Ordering a gift box full of Maui’s finest Flowers is a perfect way to send some aloha to a relative, friend, client or special someone. It will surely be the most unique gift of flowers or plants you will ever send and you will feel good knowing you are supporting Maui’s hard working farmers.

We appreciate the opportunity to help you share the joy of Maui’s flowers and we guarantee your satisfaction.

A box full of Maui-grown flowers will remind you of life’s simple pleasures, and Nature’s amazing treasures.

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